Saturday, January 29, 2005

Press Release 2 March 2004 [lost from site]

MPs reported to police

Following Labour Party chairman Ian McCartney’s speech to the Scottish Labour Party Conference referring to shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin as a 21st century Fagin and his failure to apologise for so doing he has been reported to Scotland’s Northern Constabulary by Liberty and Law director Gerald Hartup.
Mr Hartup commented: “To use the term Fagin, Charles Dickens's archetypal evil Jew, is reminiscent of the style of politicians like Jorg Haider, Jean-Marie Le Pen or our domestic BNP whose own 'subtle' racism is shown in describing Michael Howard as Mr Hecht. It drags political debate into the gutter. Mr Blair should take McCartney’s speech off the Party website immediately, demand an apology and give him a severe dressing down.”
Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer has been reported to Nottinghamshire Police following reports that he posted on his website and e-mailed 1400 constituents racially and religiously offensive ‘jokes’.

Mr Hartup commented: “Were Mr Palmer to be a prospective police officer he would surely be weeded out and were he a serving office no doubt sacked. Does Parliament have lower standards and should his constituents be made morally complicit in his anti-Arab and anti-Islamic ‘jokes’. It is time for the Prime Minister to demand from him a public apology and remove the whip from him should it not be forthcoming.”


Notes :
Gerald Hartup instigated the prosecution of Cheltenham racist Bill Galbraith in 1992 for his behaviour during and after the selection of Conservative Party candidate John [now Lord] Taylor for the then Tory marginal seat of Cheltenham won and now held by the Liberal Democrats.
In 2002 he reported Ann Winterton MP to Cheshire police for her ‘joke’.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why no Chinese comedy shows or funerals on British TV?

Victor Lewis-Smith writes a regular review column for London’s Evening Standard. And very funny he is too often making shrewd observations of the world. On 23 November in An Asian house of horrors he reviewed The Kumars at No 42. He doesn’t like the programme and gives some good reasons for his opinion.

However, he then strayed into the subject of racial statistics. Speaking of his boredom watching the Kumars he says: “Long before the end, I’d lost concentration and mind wandering, had begun wondering why it is that there are more than a million people of Chinese descent in this country yet I’ve never ever seen a Chinese comedy show (or a Chinese funeral, come to that – well have you?)”

I can’t be bothered to answer his question except to say that according to the latest census there are actually some 400,000 people who class themselves as Chinese in the UK split into comedically diverse backgrounds that make them a situation comedy problem area for programmers.

According to Min Quan, The Monitoring Group in China Town:

“The Chinese population in UK is now estimated at around 400,000 people. It is a diverse community and a recent survey reported 26% of the Chinese population as UK born, 26% from New Territories or Hong Kong, 10% from Malaysia, 12% from Vietnam, 4% from Singapore, 12% from Mainland China, and 12% from other parts of the world. This illustrates the richness and diverse background of the Chinese community in Britain.”


Experienced barmaid required

for Monday Tuesday and Friday nights
The possibilities of extra sessions available
Must be smartly dressed
Tel 020 72** 0***

Political correctness has not entirely got through to publicans or local newspapers. Here is an example reported to the Equal Opportunities Commission [EOC].

What did they do? Nothing.What do you expect? At last count less than 20% of the EOC's staff were men. Do they have targets to end male underrepresentation? You must be joking? Will they get away with it? Who is going to stop them?