Friday, September 08, 2006

Trevor Phillips turns out to be an exceptional candidate

As expected Trevor Phillips has been appointed chair of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR). The salary was advertised at £140,000 but more for an exceptional candidate. His salary is £160,000. As we pointed out it is fortunate that Mr Phillips raised his salary at the Commission for Racial Equality from £120,360 to £149, 690 last year. Otherwise it might have been thought that he was not Premier League.

All’s well that ends well.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Race entrepreneurs fall out over establishment Trevor Phillips’ appointment

Britain’s race entrepreneurs are out to get Trevor Phillips, the £150,000 personable chair of the Commission for Racial Equality [CRE]. They did not want him to get the job as the boss of the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR). [Salary £140,000 but more available for an exceptional candidate.] Lucky then that his CRE salary was increased from a derisory £120,360 to £149,690 last year. So he won’t come cheap.

Lee Jasper, £111,000 race adviser [when we last looked] to London Mayor Ken Livingstone who had a run in with Phillips over his offer to let him run as his deputy in the 2000 mayoral election, was the key figure in the campaign.

In his capacity as secretary of the National Assembly Against Racism [GLA grant £180,000 grant] Mr Jasper was deeply unhappy at the prospect of his boss’ old enemy getting the top job.

He was backed up by colleague Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote [chair Lee Jasper] [three year Labour government grant £450,000] who is also chair of Black Londoners Forum [GLA grant £37,500] and who wants a ‘chair of conviction’.

These champions of the movement are joined by Milena Buyum, of the National Black Alliance [founder Lee Jasper] who accuses Phillips of reducing the number of discrimination cases the CRE supported.

They certainly have a point here. Mr Phillips resolutely refused to act to punish
Avon and Somerset and Gloucestershire Police Services for rejecting hundreds of white male applicants out of hand in blatantly racially fixed recruitment policies. But that is not what these guys are going on about. That sort of discrimination is OK for race entrepreneurs.

The campaign to stop Phillips was run on the website of the 1990 Trust’s [three year Labour government grant £450,000; former director Lee Jasper] Black Information Link [BLINK]

BLINK prominently reported Mayor Ken Livingstone’s last ditch attack on Phillips with the headline Trevor Phillips “to join the BNP soon” says Mayor [31 August 2006]. This cavalierly misquoted Livingstone’s jibe “ I don't know where he's going. He accused me of being a racist when during the first Mayoral election I asked him to be my deputy. He's going so far to the other side I expect he'll be joining the BNP soon.” But what the hell!

Trevor Phillips appointment as CEHR chairman condemned, BLINK, September 1 2006