Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cameron backs BNP ballerina's right to work now

Ken Livingstone’s Unite against Fascism group, currently using David Cameron’s name as a supporter on its website to give credibility to its campaign to have BNP ballerina Simone Clarke sacked now publicly lacks his support.

When questioned by the Daily Telegraph his spokesman stated: “I think it must be a different David Cameron. David doesn't sign petitions and we don't know anything about this. "

The spokesman added: "He thinks the BNP is repugnant but doesn't believe she should be sacked."

Until now leaders of the main political parties have been silent on this key freedom issue.

A mystery still remains. Three other current Conservative MPs are claimed as supporters on the UAF website: Home Office shadow minister Edward Garnier QC, Peter Bottomley MP and Anthony Steen MP.

A spokesperson for civil liberties group Liberty and Law stated: “It is important that these MPs make their position clear and do not allow UAF to exploit their names in a campaign to bully a woman out of her job.”

UAF’s explanation fails to clear up the matter over Mr Cameron: “I'm not sure how long he has been a supporter or how he came to support us. He must have signed up to one of our campaigns in the House of Commons."

Over 50 MPs are on the UAF’s list together with many names of the great and the good. It is not known how many of these wish their names to be associated with UAF or its witch hunt.

It is important for the future of freedom that they should now make their position clear and have their names deleted from this shameful list.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cameron backing for "anti-racist" group in bid to sack BNP ballerina

David Cameron is listed among a group of prominent politicians and personalities claimed by Unite against Fascism [UAF] as supporters as they demonstrate today outside the English National Ballet calling for the sacking of principal dancer Simone Clarke who was outed as a BNP member following a recent Guardian investigation by a journalist posing as a BNP supporter who gained access to that party’s membership list.

Civil rights group Liberty and Law director Gerald Hartup said: “It is now important that Mr Cameron makes his position clear on what rights he believes members of the BNP have in this society. It’s not much fun defending the human rights of BNP members but it comes with the job of politicians who believe in freedom.”

The UAF published supporters list is headed by Ken Livingstone whose race adviser Lee Jasper also chairman of the National Assembly Against Racism initiated the witch-hunt against the ballerina in The Guardian with the words “I think she should be sacked”.

It is not known how many of these prominent individuals will make up the 100 or so demonstrators expected to support the call of Weyman Bennett , the Socialist Workers' Party Joint Secretary of UAF to join in the demonstration.

There are now increasing calls for members of the BNP to be sacked from their jobs. This view has been given support by Trevor Phillips former chair of the Commission for Racial Equality.

The UAF supporters list currently contains over 50 MPs, nine MEPs, fifteen trade union leaders including TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, human rights lawyer Louise Christian and even Institute of Employment Rights director Carolyn Jones. For how long this will remain the case is a matter of some significance.


UAF supporters

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BBC shock research reveals 96% of councillors are men

In an almost casual aside during an interview [2 January 2007] about the pay of councillors Today presenter Sarah Montague informed listeners: “ 96% of councillors I think are men.”

These figures are a shocking deterioration on those provided by the Fawcett Society who state: “Women currently make up only 27% of local councillors.” According to the Equal Opportunities Commission in 2001 men made up 71% of councillors.

In the same segment another surprising but this time reassuring fact was enunciated by Cllr Miranda Grell. She explained that “nobody goes into becoming a local councillor for the pay.” Her own local authority has recently increased the remuneration of councillors to £10,000.