Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How many Al Gores could the earth sustain?

It seems to have taken a few days before it reached the British media. The first mention of it was an article in today’s Guardian. [An inconvenient truth: eco-warrior Al Gore's bloated gas and electricity bills]

Thanks to what the paper describes as “a little-known group based in his home state, the Tennessee Centre for Policy ResearchMr Gore’s consumption of gas and electricity is now in the public domain.

Gore’s electricity and gas bills of almost $30,000 a year were revealed to the Centre under America’s freedom of information rules.

It seems to have taken Gore, his supporters and the director of his film “An inconvenient truth” completely by surprise given their clumsy “shoot the messenger” response to the revelation.

The Centre’s team despite being dissed by the liberal media as having no “official status” is clearly doing a good job.

Tennessee Centre for Policy Research

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time is running out to save Freedom of Information Act

It’s the last chance to get in your protests about Government plans to neuter the Freedom of Information Act. The Act has been successfully used by journalists across all media to uncover information politicians, corporations and others want to keep secret. Plans by the Government to amend the Act will make it easier for public authorities to turn down legitimate requests on the basis of cost. There are also plans to exempt MPs from the requirements of the Act. The NUJ has joined forces with campaigners and industry bodies to oppose the changes. Make sure your voice is heard before the Government consultation closes on 8 March. Sign up to the Press Gazette petition at Tell your MP what you think. Go to For further information and other campaign tools see Do it today – before it’s too late!

This is a release from the National Union of Journalists